Spa treatments

Treatments last from 12 to 15 days.

1. Natural inhalations

Direct inhalations of natural gas as it comes from the fountain. Maximum treatment : two doses per day, from 5 minutes the first time, we increase it till 25 minutes.


2. Balsamic inhalations

Inhalations of the natural gas after going by a balsamic liquid. Maximum treatment: One dose per day; from 5 till 8 minutes.


3. Aerosols

Inhalations of vaporized water mixed with the natural gas. Maximum treatment : one dose per day, from 3 till 8 minutes.


4. Nebulizations

Inhalations of small drops of water. Maximum treatment : one dose per day 6 minutes.


5. Pulverizations

Inhalations of thick drops of water. Maximum treatment : one dose per day, 4 minutes.


6. Nose’s shower

Water circulation, the water enters by one nostril and comes out by the other. Maximum treatment : one dose per day, from 1 till 2 minutes.


7. Eyes’ bath

Eyes’ mineral water bath. Maximum treatment : two times at day 3 minutes.


8. Diuresis cure

Drink mineral water. Three liters per day.


9. Vaporarium

Colective nebulization. Maximun treatment : 15 minutes/day.


10. Showers

Body nebulization. Maximun treatment : 5 minutes/day.