Vilo, Tolox and Carratraca are some spas that have beneficial properties

This is the case Fuente Amargosa Spa (Tolox), which has recently been renovated over a year and is open every first of May to serve hundreds of clients through the month of October. The characteristics of the water, nitrogen, calcium and mineralized, make them suitable for the treatment of lung and kidney disease.

Of course, its waters are not used for swimming but for inhaled or even drink-also no showers. Thus, many benefits for those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma or chronic bronchitis are achieved.

Although Tolox Spa has its own hotel, with comfortable rooms, also offers the opportunity to stay in comfortable apartments, located within the premises. It’s 9 spacious property (February 5 and March 4 bedrooms), situated beside a stream, within mature grounds amazing spa itself.
Thus, just a nice way to go about 200 meters to reach the main building of the baths. This pleasant walk is between a wonderful and thick woods.

Opened in 1867, this spa is known as Fuente Amargosa due to the taste of its waters, which are also recommended to alleviate skin or eye diseases, among others.

To take a bath, when temperatures tightened, there is an option a few meters away, the pools of Horses river, although these waters do not have any beneficial ownership.